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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) shown below:

1.  Return / Exchange / Order Cancellation / Guarantee / Price Matching Policies... Returns and Exchanges: In order to make arrangements for a return or an exchange the customer must first contact us directly by either email at  scoperings@gmail.com   or by calling 907 444 5751. 

In the event that you ordered scope mounts from our company that do not fit your rifle and/or scope properly then we will gladly help you to obtain the correct mounts. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs involved with returns or exchanges as well as any credit card fees that our company was charged that are associated with a return requesting a refund.

We do not guarantee that the Ring Height Selection Guide shown below (FAQ # 9) will work for every rifle/scope combination.

We will not accept any returns or exchanges after 90 days from the shipping date.  Returned merchandise must be in new condition in order for a refund to be issued.

Cancellations: If the cancellation is made before the order is shipped then the customer will not be charged for any shipping costs and is only responsible for credit card fees that are charged to our company as a result of processing his or her credit card, normally 5% of the total amount. Any cancellation should be done within 24 hours or less of placing the order.

Guaranteed: Talley Scope Mounts are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and are frequently used by many of the finest gunsmiths such as Jarrett Rifles.

Price Matching: Will we price match? Contact us if you see a better legitimate offer and we will do what we can in order to earn your business.

2. The Talley Steel Bases are used in conjunction with either the Talley Quick Detachable Steel Rings or the Talley Fixed Steel Rings.

3. The Talley Lightweight Alloy Mounts do NOT require separate bases; the bases are built into the rings.

4. Chrome Molly or Stainless Steel: Most of the more popular steel rings and bases are also offered in Stainless Steel

5. Rings heights are measured in inches from the contact point of the base or the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle. Base heights are similarly measured.

6. Come in Complete Sets: Scope mounts, rings and bases come in complete sets and include torx head screws for mounting. Mounting instructions are also included.

7. Torque recommendations: Check the torque recommendations for your particular rifle scope before using these recommendations ...For the Talley Lightweight Alloy Mounts: 20-25 in-lb for the base and 15-20 in-lb for the rings. ........Talley Premium Steel Rings and Bases: bases 20-25 in-lb. Fixed rings, bottom screw 35 in-lb, top screw 15-20 in-lb. Detachable rings: large bottom screw 35 in-lb, small bottom screws 30 in-lb, top screws 15-20 in-lb. If you use a thread locking adhesive then we suggest that you use a NON-permanent formula.

8. Talley Scope Ring Assembly Instructions: Click Here .. Make sure steel rings are completely closed at the bottom before snugging the rings up at the top with the top screws.

9. Ring Height Selection Guide: This guide is a good rule of thumb guide but we will NOT guarantee that it will work for every rifle/scope combination.

Ring Height for scopes up to 44 mm objective with standard barrel contour.

Ring Height for scopes up to 50 mm objective with standard barrel contour.

Ring Height for scopes with a 56 mm objective with standard barrel contour.

Ring Height for large objective scopes with heavy contour barrels and single shot rifles.

10.  Extended Mounts are extended on the front mount. Extended mounts bring the front ring towards the rear (towards the butt stock of the rifle) by about 1/4 inch. So extended mounts bring the rings closer together making this useful on rifles with longer actions and/or with scopes with shorter tubes. Double extended mounts bring the rings about 1/2 inch closer to each other. Also the front extended mounts or bases can be rotated 180 degrees in order to increase the scope's distance from the shooter's eye if need be.

11.  6x48 or 8x40 screws. Most rifle receivers are drilled and tapped for 6x48 screws so do not order mounts or bases intended to work with the larger 8x40 screws unless you are sure that your rifle has been drilled and tapped for the larger 8x40 screws.

12.  Tactical Rings: heights are measured from the contact point of the picatinny rail to the center of the ring:
1 inch - Low 1 inch, Medium 1.125 inch, High 1.25 inch
30MM - Low 1 inch, Medium 1.125 inch, High 1.275
34MM - Medium 1.125 inch, High 1.275 inch

Tactical Rings Torque Recommendations: torque on the ring screws tighten to 20 in-lb, for the ½” bolt on the bottom, tighten to 65 in-lb.

Tactical (Picatinny) Rings and Picatinny Rails / Bases are NOT not necessarily compatible with Weaver style rings and Weaver style bases. We can ship picatinny rails to addresses in the USA, Canada and Australia only

13.  Credit card charges will appear on your credit card statement as being sold by HuntAmerica com

14.  If an item appears in our pdf file of 2011 Talley Products that isn't listed on our on-line shopping cart then simply let us know and we will get it for you as its just a matter of our shopping cart not being completely up to date.

 15.  Delivery time?  over 95% or all orders ship out within 1 business day of your order being placed.  If something is not readily available, which very seldom happens, then we will notify you within 1 business day.